Benefits of team sports for kids

Has your child ever come home, elated because he or she scored the winning goal for the team? Or have they come home distraught because they felt responsible for their team losing? Both these are emotions and feelings that lay the foundation for learning to cope with life as an adult. This is one of the key benefits of team sports for kids. It’s much more than a physical activity and has the ability to impact a child’s behaviour.

Parents often ask me, how does being part of a sports team help? I thought I would share some of the benefits the fun-development team have seen over the years.

1. Develops self-esteem

Acknowledgement or praise from a team mate goes a long way in building a child’s self-confidence and self-esteem, much more than the same acknowledgement from a parent. Kids who are part of a team feel a sense of belonging and self-worth and the experience of highs and lows together enhances the moments of elation and makes the moments of defeat more bearable. “We are in this together.”

2. Exercise

That goes without saying. By being part of a team, chances are that your child will want to attend the training sessions. If you tell your child to exercise by him/herself, they are likely to resist. Exercise sounds like hard work. But being part of a team, makes exercise more like play. When kids play sports, they probably don’t even realise how much healthier they are becoming. They are building stamina and endurance. Their hearts are getting healthier thanks to all the aerobic activity, and they’re maintaining a healthy body weight which will help them ward off diseases like obesity.

3. Leadership Skills

Children who play sports learn all about leadership even if they are not the captain or the leader. Coaches and teachers of team sports do not reserve their pep talks or motivation speeches only for the captains. Team members get to observe how their captains are taught to behave and lead and learn valuable life lessons from them.

4. Teamwork

Being a part of a team can sometimes be challenging for some kids. It is one of life’s most essentials skills and being part of a sports team is one of the best ways to understand how to be a team player. It teaches children that it’s not all about them and that they are a part of something bigger than themselves.

5. Discipline and respect

Sports don’t just teach kids the fundamentals of playing, but it also instils discipline and respect for authority and rules. At a very young age, children who play sports learn the consequences that come with not following the rules. They are taught to respect their coaches who guide them and the officials who work to ensure the games are fair. They also learn good sportsmanship and to treat their opponents respectfully, win or lose.

All these benefits usually have a positive impact on a child’s behaviour. There have been several instances where sport and being part of a team have helped a troubled child manage their behaviour and come out the other side.

At fun-development, we believe that every child can benefit from sport, play and being part of a team. Give us a call on 07771 999 5687 if you believe we can help.

“As full-time working parents, we have used many after school clubs. When we met Michelle, we didn’t expect what came next. Michelle was fully engaged in our son’s development.”

Sangi – Parent

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