The children are back in school….

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I wanted to scream it at the top of my voice – the children are back in school!

Watching the first few children come back through their school gates, I felt a tide of warmth wave over me. What a joy it was to hear the beatbox of excitable sounds and enthusiastic conversations filtering through the playground from the children’s happy little mouths. And what a happy sight it was to see them greeting one another having not seen each other in months, with such gusto they almost toppled over! As I watched them play games that made sense only to them and listen eagerly to each other’s stories, I was fondly reminded of the many life lessons children learn from each other and the importance of them being able to be together again after so much time apart. 

Our breakfast and after school clubs opened back up on the 9th September, after almost 5 and a half months of being closed. My team and I have changed every aspect of how we organise our wrap around care, but it took neither us or nor the children long to settle into a new routine. We were all pleasantly surprised at how well the children settled back into the clubs, with hardly any tears of unfamiliarity. Instead we’ve found ourselves looking at beaming smiles from children happy to be back amongst their friends. Games with Ryan, our Sports Coach, has been even more popular, so much so that every afternoon the children eagerly ask us, “When is it our turn to play with Ryan?”

Upon the return to school life, I was particularly interested to learn how the experience of being back at school was for the children, so I asked some of them to create a piece of work that symbolised how they felt to have returned.  As with all our creative tasks, they had complete independence and freedom to express themselves. As you can see from the work I’ve featured, the children were overjoyed to be back with their friends, having missed them so much over the previous months.

“As full-time working parents, we have used many after school clubs. When we met Michelle, we didn’t expect what came next. Michelle was fully engaged in our son’s development.”

Sangi – Parent

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