The importance of the outdoors

I would like these blogs to serve as a window for you to see into the fun-development world, where the content we share is led and inspired by our children, whether they are in school or not.
Before the children finished for the Christmas break, we talked about being grateful and what that meant to them as individuals. We showcased some of the work they produced in the last newsletter. It is important to us at fun-development to allow every child to be their authentic selves through their creative pieces of work. We aim to encourage an environment where the children feel comfortable to express themselves. We want our children to write, draw and paint, letting their feelings flow through their work. Although spelling and grammar is important, this is not the main focus of these exercises as we don’t want their creative process to be fragmented, for instance if they get stuck on spelling a certain word. Instead we want them to be able to express themselves freely.

I’ve chosen to feature a piece of work from one of these creative freedom sessions. The child that did this piece of work, listened intently to the task and our groups conversation. As soon as the children started, he got his head down and did not stop until he was finished. There were no pauses, or distractions, what you can see on the page are his free flowing feelings from his internal self. Reading through it, you gain such an insight into how he felt to be outside, exercising and being with his friends. You can see how important this experience was to him.

“As full-time working parents, we have used many after school clubs. When we met Michelle, we didn’t expect what came next. Michelle was fully engaged in our son’s development.”

Sangi – Parent

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